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At ClickMyLoan, we are committed to building a digital lending ecosystem that offers quick and hassle-free personal loans to individuals and businesses at affordable interest rates without having to worry about physical verification, multiple calls, complicated & long processes followed by an even longer waiting period for approval. Aligned to this vision, we have partnered with the latest technology for superior user experience while respecting their privacy to offer a seamless experience.


Our mission is to vitalize people through financial incorporation & awareness allowing them to make wise decisions in regards to borrowing money.


We look forward to establishing an ideal online platform, wherein every individual and business should be able to access instant monetary support innovative solution to financial challenges for working professionals across the month.

Our Leadership

Kabeer Chaudhary: Kabeer is graduated from prestigious Hansraj College, Delhi University and completed its Masters from one of the top institutes of this country: IIM-Calcutta. He brings over 12 years of work experience in the banking sector with an outlook to be proactive and in constant need of upgrading business processes. He started his professional journey as Sr. Analyst in investment banking and then soon shifted to running his own company providing services in banking sector with clients like SBI bank, HDFC, RBL bank Standard chartered Bank resulting having a deep network of financial distribution business. You can contact him at kabeer@clickmyloan.com

Apoorve Bansal: Apoorve is a Chartered Accountant and Law Graduate having extensive BFSI sector knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry. He has vast experience in managing lending and is well versed in legal, compliance and risk structure along with immense networking with the regulators and regulatory agencies for growth of financial services business. He is also steering the company's digital footprint in personal loan and SME segment and focused on making the company one of the market leaders in this new digitized era. You can contact him at apoorve@clickmyloan.com

A Few Words From Our Leader

ClickMyLoan is a digital lending FinTech product with technology and data-driven underwriting algorithm that helps borrowers avail instant and flexible cash loans in a simple, quick, and personalized way. It has rendered quick, comfortable and accountable loan services to many working professionals, all across India. We are situated in heart of India, Delhi, particularizing in offering instant monetary options. We have always been exploring for the finest ways to see how we can best financially support people and their pecuniary specific situation.

What We Value?

We standby people during unyielding conditions of life, where they are strapped for cash and unable to come out of it. For and foremost, we value the reliability and committed nature of a borrower’s profile before sanctioning him/her a loan.